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The reestablishment of global and regional value chains is also boosting trade in capital goods and intermediate inputs. For example, the growth of US industrial output is expected to accelerate the recovery in Mexico’s manufacturing sector due to the strong synchronicity between the business cycles of the two countries. Similarly, given the close integration of many developing countries in ECA with the European Union, the restoration of European regional value chains is expected to enhance growth prospects across ECA. As global economic activity recovers, prices for oil, metals, food and other commodities are expected to rise. Recovering commodity prices have already bolstered growth in some ECA countries, including Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, as well as in LAC countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Chile, and Peru. Although higher commodity prices will be tailwinds for resource-rich commodity exporters, they will be headwinds for net importers, especially developing countries that rely on oil imports. Trade in services will likely remain subdued and is not expected to return to pre-pandemic levels before 2022. The hospitality and travel sectors continue to be the most severely affected by the crisis, and tourism-dependent countries in the Caribbean and the Balkans face a slow and uncertain recovery. A third source of divergence is in the policy response adopted by fiscal and monetary authorities. Several counties are confronting inflationary pressures that will limit the ability of their central banks to maintain accommodative monetary policies. Expansionary monetary stances, rapid credit growth, exchange-rate depreciation, and rising commodity prices have amplified inflationary pressures in Brazil, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine. Many central banks either already hiked benchmark policy rates in Q1 2021 or have signaled the end of their easing cycles. Though necessary to manage inflation, monetary tightening could dampen prospects for a swift recovery by putting pressure on interest rates, spurring capital outflows, or weakening exchange rates. Tighter monetary policies in advanced economies could also worsen financing conditions for emerging markets and intensify the volatility of capital flows, especially to the most vulnerable ECA and LAC economies. Even in the absence of monetary tightening, US 10-year bond yields have risen sharply in Q1 2021, putting pressure on emerging-market exchange rates that may need to accelerate the tightening of their monetary policy stance. Fiscal pressure has also intensified as governments strive to extend emergency economic support without undermining investor confidence. The pandemic-induced recession has triggered a surge in deficits and debt levels in many economies, especially LAC and ECA countries, many of which had already experienced a rapid debt buildup prior to 2020.


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Musculoskeletal disorders are the focus of European Week for Safety and Health at Work EU-OSHA launches toolkit to provide practical advice on how to prepare and run successful campaigns for better occupational safety and health management. EU-OSHA’s European Week for Safety and Health at Work, taking place from 19 to 23 October, marks the official launch of the Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load campaign, which focuses on musculoskeletal disorders. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the most common work-related health problems in Europe. They cause pain and discomfort in the back, neck, shoulders, upper limbs and lower limbs, and can affect a person’s ability to work. According to the 2019 European Survey of Enterprises on New and Emerging Risks, the most frequently identified risk factor in the EU-27 is repetitive hand or arm movements (reported by 65 % of establishments). Other MSD-related risks include prolonged sitting (61 %) — often considered a new or emerging MSD risk — lifting or moving people or heavy loads (52 %), time pressure (45 %), and tiring or painful positions (31 %). Although MSDs are preventable, they remain the most common work-related health problem in Europe. This is cause for concern not only because of their effects on the health of individual workers, but also because of their detrimental impact on businesses and national economies. MSDs affect individuals’ ability to work and are therefore a major cost burden for businesses and economies: Absenteeism: absence from work due to MSDs accounts for a high proportion of working days lost in EU Member States. Workers with MSDs are also more likely, on average, to be absent for a longer period of time; Presenteeism: experiencing pain at work as a result of an MSD is likely to affect performance and productivity; Early or forced retirement: workers suffering from an MSD may need to give up work completely, and are more likely than those without to believe that they will not be able to do the same job at the age of 60. Body mapping to prevent musculoskeletal disorders EU-OSHA has published an information sheet which provides an overview of body and hazard mapping techniques and highlights their value in identifying and preventing work-related MSDs. It lists the resources needed to run a hazard or body mapping session in your own workplace and provides step-by-step guidance. Involving workers is key to successful risk assessment and effective risk management, it says. Mapping techniques are interactive and rely on the active participation of workers, encouraging them to think about how their health might be affected by work, identify potential risks and come up with practical solutions. The results are an invaluable input for risk assessment and monitoring processes. Body mapping is a technique visit homepage that employers and workers’ representatives can use to gather evidence from groups of workers about the effects of work on their bodies, such as musculoskeletal aches and pains; Workers use coloured pens or stickers to mark where they suffer aches and pains on an outline of the body. The collective results of this kind of mapping can: identify clusters of problems that may need further investigation; be used to encourage workers to discuss solutions to the problems they report. Hazard mapping is a similar method for collective information gathering.